who we are

Southern Walnuts is the main walnut exporter in the south of Chile. It was originally developed with the purpose of delivering to tables in the five continents, walnut products with high added value and the unique seal and differentiation of the south of Chile.

Our initiative is based upon strategic alliances developed by a few walnut producers from the south of Chile, with a strong focus on value creation through process innovation and development, leading up into competitive advantages and a differentiated portfolio of products.

Nowadays, Southern Walnuts process and commercialize the fruit produced in our orchards according to high quality policies and complying with Chilean Walnut Commission standards. Furthermore, we asses and support other farmers in the development of their projects in southern Chile.

Our business model is oriented to establish strategic alliances and partnerships which contributes to put walnuts from south of Chile in the best markets and close to the farmers and the final clients with our assessment and exportation services.