Our processes

Sustainability is the most important policy for Southern Walnuts processes, with a strong focus in energy efficiency and fair trade across all our marketing chain.

Southern Walnuts is a member of the Smart Energy Concepts project, managed in Chile by the German Chamber of Commerce with main goal of improving energy efficiency in agribusiness.

Industrial dryer

Innovation is also important for us, in order to improve our energy efficiency and the utilization of renewable energy sources to minimize environmental impact in our operations. After a 4 years of an I+D process, Southern Walnuts has developed a new type of industrial walnut dryer, which optimizes energy consumption and allows the use of renewable energy sources.

Our dryers do not have any moving parts. Therefore our fruit has no mechanical damage during the process, which is also controlled by electronic devices to obtain the best inshell walnuts.

You can see more of this project at www.secanuts.cl


Our plant, Frutos Secos El Rincón SpA, is locted in km 3 camino caledonia, Mulchen - Chile. It has about 4.000 square meters in which we have an inshell line which considers sizing decks hand selection, optical sorting selection and final packing with a capacity of 5.000 kg per hour.

Our plant also has a walnut shelling and packing line with a capacity of 4.000 kg per hour. All our equipment is top class industry which give us operational flexibility and premium final quality products with very low mechanical damage.

You can see more of this project at www.fser.cl