Southern Walnuts bases its development upon the establishment of strategic alliances with both farmers and final clients. Through a process of strategic alliances between important and pioneer farmers from the south of Chile, this initiative was born. Up to date, we have processed and exported premium quality fruit with success and a huge growing perspective.

Matías Rodríguez C. • General Manager and Founder

Matías is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master of Science from the Universidad de Chile. He has deeply investigated the post-harvesting processes and the marketing of walnuts. He also has a strong entrepreneurship experience.

Germán Castillo H.

German is an Engineer with more than 20 years of experience the agribusiness. Founder of Bionueces, owns and manages an orchard of 100 hectares with a growing plan to reach 150 hectares by 2023. He was recognized in 2011 by Chilenut association for his huge support to walnut farming in the south of Chile.

Mauricio Robles V.

Mauricio is an outstanding businessman in the telecommunications and energy fields who, in a pioneer view, decided to invest in agribusiness during 2008 starting with a 80 hectares walnut orchard with good growing projections, considering to reach 100 hectares in the following years.

Porfirio Quintana

Porfirio is a Civil Engineer from the Universidad de Chile, recognized for his success in several business areas such as construction, real state and forest. Nowadays, he owns and manages a 45 hectares orchard with excellent quality results.